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Never stop evolving, learning and creating. Undertake and manage new challenges. Remain curious and surprised.

Highly effective professional more than 20 years of international working experience in Information Security, Auditing, Risk, Compliance Processes, Business Development, Project, Product and Program Management & Coordination.

Didier is graduated as Civil engineer with high distinction from Brussels University. It's in the consulting service that he started his career first as security consultant for Computer Science Corporation, senior security consultant/project coordinator for Unisys and senior consultant/coordinator for the Capital Market Company. In 2001, he joined MasterCard International as security product/program leader where he wrote multiple security standards and specifications for new products, risk and compliance programs including the famous PCI DSS.

In 2010 Didier quit his confortable situation to undertake the entrepreneurial challenge by setting up Dgozone

Along his career he served various international organizations such as

Didier is a key actor of the PCI council from its early days. He set the first security rules for Ecommerce security, co-authored the first versions of the PCI Data Security Standard and related self-assessment questionnaires, advised the council on areas for enhancement, wrote the standard for Approved Scanning Vendors, designed and led the ASV Certification Lab, a unique program aiming to leverage the expertise of scanning vendors through a consistent certification process in order to deliver a standardized and efficient added value to the Ecommunity.

The PCI council appreciates his dedication to the success of the PCI program and the security community recognizes his contribution to the enhancement of the quality of the scanning service and more specifically the security of the Ecommerce.

"Didier is the author of the various books and other publications on information security & risk management including compliance dashboards, compliance templates."

Didier is called as moderator & speaker to various seminars and conferences.

Skills & Expertise

Personal Skills

Dynamic, self-motivated and result-oriented, team leader as well as team player, ability to work autonomously with proven ability to drive and deliver challenging projects in large corporate environments through effective internal and external communication.

Technical skills

Data Security – Auditing - Gap analysis - Vulnerability assessment & Management, Risk Assessment & Risk Management - Security plan & management, Strategy & tactics - Compliance Management: PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, CAG-SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls, ISO 27001 & 27002, NERC, SOX - Information Security Management - Strategy & Tactics - Policies & Procedures - Security Awareness -Vulnerability assessment & management - Incident response - Product management, Program Management - Project coordination.


Bring his competences and personal skills to organizations willing to cultivate them in a trusted atmosphere while allowing him to align to his leitmotif "Never stop evolving, learning and creating. Undertake and manage new challenges. Remain curious and surprised"